Auto Insurance with Criminal Record

You have a criminal record and you have problem with your
auto insurance

As a first step , we will ask questions about your problematic situation. We will need as much information to defend you with insurers and present your case to reflect reality. Thus when our customers have a claim, their claim is done well and quickly!

It would be ideal to have on hand a copy of your criminal record with selective index. You can obtain this document at any courthouse in Quebec and it's totally free .

In a second step, we recommend that you have in your possession your updated driving record from the SAAQ, this document will give us the exact dates of your offenses. You can get this document in person at SAAQ office in your area. You can also get it on the Internet at the following address:

Other questions will be simple and related to your car and its usage.

Our promise, taking the decision to insure your car with 2e Chance Assurance when you have a criminal record , it is not to let your case to sleep! After 1 to 3 years with 2e Chance Assurance, we automatically refer your case to our general insurance firm (Assurancia Groupe Confiance) at Our team will do everything in its power to insure you with a "regular" company.

Car insurance when you have a criminal record, it is possible!