Insurance cancelation for non-payment

Your auto, home or business insurance was
canceled for non-payment?

If your auto, home or business insurance is not yet canceled for non-payment and you have received a notice, at first, try to make arrangements with your current insurer! Often, they agree to keep you if you pay the remainder of the year. Save your case will always be a better option!

Otherwise, in case of car insurance, the ideal is to have your driving record from the SAAQ when you call us. With this document, we have exactly the picture of your driving history. For the rest, the serial # of your vehicle and other personal information will be sufficient to reassure you.

In home and business insurance, nothing special is required other than the usual questions in the purchase of insurance.

Our promise, taking the decision to insure your car, home or business with 2e Chance Assurance when canceled for non-payment, it is not to let your case to sleep! After 1 to 3 years with 2e Chance Assurance, we automatically refer your case to our general insurance firm (Assurancia Groupe Confiance) at Our team will do everything in its power to insure you with a "regular" company.

Insurance when canceled for non-payment, it is possible!